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Bermuda Roots

Bamboo Towelettes

Bamboo Towelettes

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Our towelettes are great to keep in your bag to cool you off on a hot summer day while on the go. But it can also be used warm to open the pores during a wash routine for example.

Cold Application: Place sachet in fridge or freezer for 30 mins or over night.

Hot Application: Remove towelette from package and place in microwave for 6 seconds.

Caution: Item may be hot coming out of microwave. Choking hazard. Not for unmonitored use by children. Avoid eyes, Not for use on food.

Reusable towelette: If you wish to use again, we recommend washing the cloth under warm water with mild detergent, rinse and lay flat to dry. Moisten and chill or heat when desired to reuse.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Lavender*, Preservative. *Sometimes Essential oil may also be included.

Best By: December 31, 2025


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