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Healing Waters Bath Salts - Singles

Healing Waters Bath Salts - Singles

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When was the last time you came home left the lights off lit some candles put on your favorite music and just got in the tub with a good book and eased into the weekend? I know right! That does sound good!!

Healing Waters is an experience you can enjoy wherever you have a tub. Booking a staycation or jetting away for the weekend? Not a problem our compact packaging is perfect for any baggage size you may be using. Let the lavender help you unwind as our special blend of salts relax the muscles. 

Not a bath person that's fine too! You can also use on ache feet. 

Eczema safe product. If  you suffer from eczema and are looking for some relief pour yourself a bath and toss in half a vial. The salts will soothe and the oatmeal with help remove the dry skin.

*Not recommended for use on oozing or bleeding eczema.*

Ingredients: Epson Salt, Sea Salt (Himalayan), Bacon Soda, Oatmeal, Tapioca, Lavender, Limonene, Linalool.

Caution: Please consult physician if pregnant or nursing before using this product. Keep out of reach of children and store away from direct sunlight and heat. This product is not for ingestion.

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